PRESIDENT/SECRETARY:  Lucky Hicks  lfhskb@gmail.com                            Representing the Gardens

VICE-PRESIDENT:  Wayne Ziegler  wayneziegler@gmail.com                        Representing VLII

TREASURER:  Brigitte Vangunten  trustee22@aol.com                                   Representing the Multi-Families

DIRECTOR:  Hank Fox  hfox1947@comcast.net                                                Representing VL1

MEETING NOTICES:  The Commons has meetings with each member representing a section of the community and then these representatives report back to their respective group.

VLCA BY-LAWS:  Check out the By-Laws of the Commons Board here.

MEDIATED SETTLEMENT 2008: This document created the Commons Board (which was first identified as the VLAA and later changed to the VLCA).

Election of Board Members:

The Mediated Settlement Agreement dated January 10, 2008 and the Bylaws for the Vanderbilt Lakes Commons Association (VLCA) states that starting at the VCSA 2010 annual meeting, the multi-family members (Carmel, Bermuda Cays and Bermuda Isles - 260 units in total) shall elect their Board member to the VLCA Board annually.  This election will be required every year as part of the VCSA annual meeting.

The deadline for candidates to submit their intent is Thursday, December 22, 2022.
If interested please contact Collier Financial at support@collierfinancial.net or by phone at 239-774-7088 ext 204.



SPEED LIMIT:  The speed limit around Winthrop Circle and the cul-de-sacs is 20 mph.  Please drive carefully and remember that there are walkers, bikers, 


*******OWNERS:  Please make sure that the phone number associated with the gate is the correct one.  If you have given up your land line or changed your cell phone number please make sure to let Brigitte know and change your phone number so that the gate system works.*******

When you move into Vanderbilt Lakes your name will be listed in the Call Box Directory and you will be assigned an entry code that will open the visitor’s gate, usually the last four digits of your phone number. If you do not want your name listed in the Call Box Directory call Brigitte Vangunten and that info will be hidden. If you ever need to change your entry code, Brigitte can do that, too. To enter the community using the Call Box, press your four-digit entry code, which will open the visitors’ gate.

For Visitors:

  • Visitors can look up your name using the scrolling directory on the Call Box screen.
  • To find a name that begins with A-K, press the A button.
  • To find a name that begins with L-Z, press the Z button.
  • After locating the name, press Call and they will be connected to the phone number that you have provided.
  • When your phone rings, you can press the number 9 on your phone to open the gates remotely. The number that will be displayed on your phone (for the front gate) is (239) 204-4050. Please ADD this number to your contact list as Vanderbilt Front Gate.

An additional way of allowing visitors to enter is to give them your DIRECTORY CODE: this four-digit code will call your phone and eliminates having to scroll through the Call Box Directory. (This is a faster way for visitors to gain access and for you to be anywhere to let them in. This also keeps the community SAFE as all visitors need a person to ANSWER a phone to let them in.)

  • The code is entered.
  • Call button is pressed.
  • You answer your phone and press 9.
  • The Gates open remotely.        

To determine what your 4-digit directory code is, find your name on the Call Box Directory and locate the number to the right.

If you have a vendor/contractor coming to your home for repairs, service or a delivery please give them your directory four-digit code NOT your 4-digit entry code. This lets them call you for admission to the community, and prevents later unauthorized access. If the number you have given us is a cell phone, you can let them in from wherever you are.

If you will be having a large delivery truck arriving, please call Brigitte Vangunten to get the latest “double gate” entry code, so the truck can enter driving down the center with both gates opened.  This code changes EVERY month.

When you see a large truck (UPS, FedEx, or an 18 wheeler) entering codes as you are ready to drive in please wait and do NOT pass that vehicle on the right. If you pass the truck and open the resident gate using your SmartPass, the pole will close after your car goes through and the truck will be unable to proceed through both gates.

BACK GATE ENTRY:  Only cars with a SmartPass can use the back entry gate. Please direct ALL visitors and vendors to the Vanderbilt Drive entrance and let them know that GPS directions to the community are USUALLY incorrect, directing drivers to the back gate instead of the main entrance.

If you discover that a gate is not operating properly or if you witness a car or truck damaging one of the gates please call Brigitte Vangunten or Lucky Hicks ASAP. Although all gates are under constant video surveillance, the sooner a problem is reported the quicker it can be repaired.  The new front gate lighted poles are much more expensive than the unlit ones at the back gate.  Please drive carefully so that the poles are not damaged.



SMARTPASS ACCESS GUIDELINES:  To find out more about entering Vanderbilt Lakes without having to key in at the gate or to find out how to let others in through the front gate please read the following document carefully.

Then decide which of the following forms you need to procure your SMART PASS transponder for your vehicle(s).  Fill them out and email Brigitte or Lucky who will help you complete the process.

The Vanderbilt Lakes Commons Association is responsible for the SMARTPASS gate operating system for all the residents of Vanderbilt Lakes.  The following guidelines are established by the Commons Board regarding the SMARTPASS distribution and installation.

Lisa Weegar              239-465-6153   exclusivepropertiesswfl@comcast.net

Brigitte Vangunten   239-947-2629    trustee22@aol.com

Lucky Hicks               913-961-3446   luckyfh@aol.com

When an OWNER requests a NEW SMARTPASS for an Auto Registered to the OWNER, there will be a charge of $30 per vehicle.  Please complete the application and submit with a check payable to Vanderbilt Lakes Commons Association to the Smartpass contact.  Please attach a copy of the vehicle registration to the application.

At the time of the SMARTPASS distribution the smartpass contact will install the smartpass on the right side of the windshield. The smartpass uses the windshield as an antenna.

NOTE:  if the owner sells his/her auto or the leased car is being changed, the SMARTPASS should (but this is not guaranteed) be able to be “CAREFULLY PEELED OFF THE WINDSHIELD” and placed in the new vehicle.  When this occurs the OWNER must notify the Association Contact in writing (using the Transfer Form) of the change, and provide the new Make, Model, Color, and Year of the Auto so the computer file can be updated.  (Removing/transferring the adhered SMARTPASS  to another vehicle does NOT always work , but many have been successful in transferring it.)

If the OWNER’S SMARTPASS is Lost, Stolen, or Damaged, a replacement can be purchased for $30.  A request would be made using the form on the website and given to the Smartpass Contact along with a check for $30 made payable to Vanderbilt Lakes Commons Association.  The ORIGINAL SMARTPASS would then be deactivated in the computer database BEFORE the replacement SMARTPASS is distributed.

The OWNER must give permission in writing/email for the renter to purchase a SMARTPASS.  A RENTER/OTHER application must be completed, with the permission attached along with a check for $45 (made payable to Vanderbilt Lakes Commons Association) and given to the Smartpass contact.  A Smartpass will NOT be attached to rental cars.

Each owner has an entry code which should be given to the renter or family member. This code will ONLY work at the call box (left lane at the main gate).

The SMARTPASS will work on the front and back gates.  The back gate is LOCKED electronically from 9 pm to 5 am daily.)

Any Owner may place a written request to the Association President for relaxation of any of the guidelines for extenuating circumstances.  The final decision rests with the VLCA (Commons Board).

There are four(4) different applications to serve different situations.  The applications are available for downloading at http://www.vanderbiltlakes.net/VLCA/index.htm

1) PROPERTY OWNER: Vehicle Registration Form

2) RENTER/OTHER application (could use the same for Renter, Significant other, Relative, Child of Owner)

3) OWNER APPLICATION:  Lost/Stolen/Damaged Smartpass