05. Bermuda Isles II

If you live in a Bermuda Isles Building with a red roof you live in BI2!!!  :-)


President:  John Yeager  yeagerjohnc@gmail.com

Vice President: Rose Hawley  rosehawley@comcast.net


Treasurer:  Linda Komara lkomara@hotmail.com

Director:  Joel Posila   joelposila@gmail.com

Director: Dennis Simon  dennis_ius@yahoo.com



Ability Management                                                                                                     6736 Lone Oak Blvd.                                                                                               Naples, FL 34109       


Allen R. Bouley                                                                                                  Community Association Manager                                                                          Licensed C.A.M.                                                                                     allen@abilityteam.com


MEETING NOTICES:  The annual members meeting usually takes place in February so look for a mailing from the property management company in January. This mailing includes information on when and where the meeting will be held as well as a proxy form.  Please complete the proxy form and return in the envelope included or give it to a board member.  By sending this form in you will help to ensure the meeting takes place as a quorum is needed.  

Other Board of Director meetings take place periodically.  Please check back for dates, times, and location.  You can also give your name to the webmaster as email blasts often go out prior to the meetings.

BUDGET: The Bermuda Isles II budget may be found here in the future or ask a board member for a copy.

COMPLETE CONDO DOCUMENTS:  Please check back for a link to Bermuda Isles II condo documents.  If you are an owner you should have a copy from when you originally purchased your condo.

RULES AND REGULATIONS:  Please check the link to Bermuda Isles II Rules and  regulations.

SALES/RENTAL APPLICATIONS: Please read and fill out the following form if selling or renting a condo in Bermuda Isles II.

GATE CODE ENTRY AND SMARTPASS ENTRY INFORMATION:  Follow this link to a page on Gate Code and Smartpass entry information.

FYI:  There is a new system working at the gate related to Amazon deliveries.  Amazon NO LONGER needs to have a gate code to deliver your packages.  So take your gate code information out of the delivery instructions for your Amazon orders.

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE: Please read and complete the following if you are doing any renovations in your condo. COMMITTEE GUIDELINES AND ALTERATION APPLICATION

PEST CONTROL:  Please contact

Arrow Environmental Services at 239-288-2222 or 800-226-3139

if you have a issue with pests.  This service is part of your condo fees.  No extra payment is required.

FLORIDA CONDO STATUTES 2012#718:  Please read the following statutes if you have any condo questions.

NEWSLETTER:  Bermuda Isles II often produces a newsletter.  You will find a link to newsletters here.

March 2020

RECYCLING:  For the latest on recycling information check out the Lee County recycling page.  If you have an large items please contact the number found near your trash/recycling area so that a special truck will come remove them.

Check here for a list of many Lee County Recycling and Diversion Programs or how can I best recycle what I have.