07. VCSA / VL1




PRESIDENT:  Cindy Judar      judarmail2@aol.com

VICE-PRESIDENT/SECRETARY:   Meredith Menton    vanderbiltlakes@gmail.com

TREASURER:   Deb Gagnon    deb@harborsunset.com

DIRECTOR:  Susan Gurevich   lovingthelifeinswfl@gmail.com

DIRECTOR:  Jean Geiwitz   jeangeiwitz@gmail.com



Carol Tickel, LCAM  ctickel@franklycoastal.com

Frankly Coastal Property Management/Collier Financial, Inc                                              4985 Tamiami Trail East,                                                                                             Naples, FL 34114                                                                                                               Tel:   239-774-7088 – EXT 204

Visit  www.franklycoastal.com/vanderbiltlakesi.html (for single family homeowners) or www.franklycoastal.com/vcsa.html (for everyone else in VCSA) then click log in to get directions (and password) so as to check your account.

NEW OWNERS:   Please make sure you fill out this form at your closing or now if you have not yet done so.  We need to have contact information for sending email updates about meetings, and life at Vanderbilt Lakes.  Thanks for helping us keep in contact with you all!!


ACH DIRECT PAYMENT OF SEMI-ANNUAL ASSESSMENT:  An easy way to pay your semi-annual assessment easily is to fill out a form, send in a cancelled check and have assessments taken out automatically every six months. 

Just fill out this form and mail it back to Frankly Coastal/Collier Financial, Inc., 4985 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL  34114                                                                                                               

MEETING NOTICES:  The annual members meeting is held each February and thus in January every owner receives a mailing with information as to when and where this meeting will be held along with a proxy form.  In order to hold a members meeting a quorum must be present.  In order to reach this quorum we ask that you complete the proxy form and mail to Frankly Coastal in the envelope provided or hand it to an board member.  By reaching a quorum ahead of the meeting it ensures that the meeting will take place and that owners can participate.

At the end of every year the board is looking for board members as usually 2 board members have ended their 2-year term.  If you are interested in volunteering and participating in the governing board for VCSA (92 homes plus all the multifamily units) please fill out a form!!  If more than 2 people express interest, an election will take place.  

The board is also often looking for members of the Architectural Review Board (3 members) and the newest board - The Fining Board  (3-5 members) which will meet when any single family home owner has an issue that is not resolved with conversation.  We do not expect this committee to meet very often (and hopefully not at all except for perhaps one  initial meeting to further explain the process).  The ARB board consists of 3 members (2 from the 92 homes and 1 from the multifamily associations).  If you are interested in serving on either board let a VCSA board member or the property manager know.


1) VCSA Budget Workshop on Zoom Monday 11/14/2022 at 9:30 am                             To attend this meeting register in advance at: https://bit.ly/3FZN5tp

2) VCSA  Budget Adoption Meeting on Zoom Monday 12/5/2022 at 4 pm  (look for invite/posting)                 

3) VCSA Annual Meeting Monday 2/27/2023 from 4-6 (sign in starts at 3) (proxy and meeting info will be mailed/emailed along with openings on the board and how to apply - usually in late December/early January).

This meeting will be held at Bonita Shores, 315 West Ave, Bonita Springs, FL 34134


VCSA APPROVED BUDGET: The approved budget for each year will be found here.  2022 approved budget.

VCSA END OF YEAR FINANCIALS:  The EOY financial documents will be found here.  2021 EOY Financials.




GATE CODE ENTRY AND SMARTPASS ENTRY INFORMATION:  Click here to read more about how to best enter Vanderbilt Lakes.

FYI:  There is a new system working at the gate related to Amazon deliveries.  Amazon NO LONGER needs to have a gate code to deliver your packages.  So take your gate code information out of the delivery instructions for your Amazon orders.


At the July 19, 2022 Board of Directors meeting on Zoom, a motion was made and approved to install street lights in place of mailboxes with lights.  This activity should start about December 2022 and take about a month.  To see the drawing* for placement of these lights click here.  

*Although the drawings show carriage lights “with side panels” the final fixture chosen has “no side panels”. That means that light will not be diffused in any direction other than down.  Also, the pole height will be 15 feet per the final contract and not 21 feet as in the drawing. The poles in V2 are also 15 feet. See darksky.org regarding glare and residential lighting best practices.

 Most mailboxes will be replaced after the lights are installed, but due to Hurricane Ian and some of the mailboxes/lampposts being damaged again we have started to replace a few mailboxes now.  See a photo example below or drive down Saybrook and look for the mailbox without a lamp on top. 


Find here a letter from the VCSA President regarding the decision to replace the 92 mailbox/lamppost combos with 18 streetlights from FPL. 



VCSA RENTAL FORMS:  If you are renting a home in Vanderbilt Lakes 1 you need to fill out this rental form prior to renting and submit to Frankly Coastal.

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW BOARD:  The Architectural Review Board consists of 3 members (2 from the 92 single family houses and 1 from the multi-families).  They review applications submitted by owners who want to make interior and/or exterior changes to their homes. 

ARB Members:  Christine Degannaro        Tristano Colaizzi      Linda Komara

Please review the ARB/ARC process and the ARB Standards prior to any work being done.

Please fill out the following application if you are undertaking any changes and submit prior to your work.  ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW APPLICATION.

FINING COMMITTEE:  (in process of being formed)

FLORIDA HOA STATUTES 2012 #720:  To find out more about Florida's State Statues regarding Home Owner Associations check out this link.

FAST FACTS: for the 92 Single Family Homes.  If you live in one of the 92 homes please review this living document (as it will change as it needs to).  It hopefully will answer many questions you as a homeowner may have.

RECYCLING/YARD WASTE:  Lee County has much information on what is and is NOT recyclable.  Please review so that you fill your  recycling buckets accordingly. Recycling is picked up on Wednesdays in the single family homes.  Recycling can be placed at the street after 4 on Tuesday along with yard waste.

Check here for a list of many Lee County Recycling and Diversion Programs or how  everyone can best recycle what they have.

Yard waste for the single family homes is also picked up on Wednesdays. Please do not put out your yard waste or recycling until Tuesday at 4 pm. and follow these yardwaste guidelines.

TRASH: Please follow these trash pickup guidelines for pickup on Thursdays for the single family houses. Buckets should not be placed at the street until after 4 pm on Wednesday.  

WATERING/IRRIGATION YEAR ROUND RESTRICTIONS:  We adhere to the watering restrictions set by Lee County. No watering is to take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. To determine which days you can water see this link.  Please check your timer to ensure you are watering per Lee County's directives.  Also please be on the lookout for emails/notifications if these further restrictions are put in place due to a water shortage/drought.