Dear VCSA Homeowners:

As residents of Vanderbilt Lakes, we have chosen a unique environment is which to live.  An important safeguard of the environment is the Architectural Review process.  This process is designed to ensure that the architectural standards within Vanderbilt Lakes will continue to enhance real estate values and maintain harmonious design throughout our community. 

The ARB Committee is continually working at improving (or strengthening) the review process and developing a set of guidelines to help apply the goals set forth by our documents.  Attached you will find a copy of our revised application form for architectural review.  Please keep a copy of file and submit it to an ARB member when considering an any exterior modification to your home or property.

As stated in our documents, the VCSA - ARB MUST APPROVE all exterior changes in advance.  You may wish to refer to Article IX, pages 13 thru 19 of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Vanderbilt Lakes for specific information.

Plan to allow sufficient time for the review process prior to the start of you project.  Begin by submitting the completed application form to a member that is listed on the request form.  To speed things along, be sure to attach all necessary support material such as copies of plans, specifications, samples, brochures, or pictures of materials to be used, paint color chips with manufacturer, color name or numbers.  Paint your selection of colors approx. 1 ft x 2 ft on an inconspicuous outside wall of your home.  Take into consideration that colors change as they dry and that the sun exposure will also play a large part in the neighbors and your enjoyment of “the new look”. 

If you have any questions, or to submit your application for an architectural review, please contact an ARB committee member listed below.



             Steve Strawder                  Danielle Mack                    Sophie Baranyk
               239-641-4341                 845-649-2217                       773-706-6186